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Bit Defender Integration

Federico Trotta
Federico Trotta
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Mac is not supported yet for this release.

In this article, we'll use the acronymous BEST to refer to as Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tool


1. Preface

This release integrates the Antimalware module of Bitdefender, which protects servers and workstations against malware.

Already installed clients will NOT have Bitdefender and need a reinstallation to add it.

2. Activation / Deactivation

Caution: The activation and deactivation are done in the background and takes circa 30 seconds. Quick activation and deactivation have not been tested.

Here's how to perform the activation/deactivation:

Go to Settings > Integrations and insert a valid API key


The API key is provided by the support team

Then, the user gets a success message and a background process starts. A Relay Agent is installed on ACSIA and will be used as a proxy for other agents to communicate with the Bitdefender Central Server.

When the installation is complete, a new module named Anti Malware with "STARTED" status will appear in the ACSIA module lists.

Bitdefender will be added to all new hosts, and when the installation is done, a new shipper with the status "STARTED" will show up in the ACISA shipper lists.

Give 10 minutes after the end of the process to allow slower machines to terminate the installation


3. Requirements

To make Bitdefender run, some requirements are needed.

3.1 System requirements

Please, refer to this section to check for the system requirements needed by Bitdefender.

Please, do not consider the following hardware requirements:

  • Security agent with Relay role
  • Security agent with Exchange Protection role
  • Security agent with Patch Caching Server role
  • Requirements for VMware vShield environments
  • Security Containers

Please, do not consider the following general requirements:

  • Containers
  • On-access scanning support and on-access scanning limitations
  • Supported browsers
  • All the section "security server"
  • All the section "traffic usage"

3.1 GravityZone (cloud) communication ports

In this section, we can find the communication ports needed to make Bitdefender work properly.


Please, do not consider the following requirements as those services are not supported yet:


  • The "Security Server (Multi-Platform)" component
  • The "Sandbox Analyzer" component