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Release Note from v6.0.0 to v6.0.2

Nadia Riccardi
Nadia Riccardi
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New Features in v6.0.0

  • New User Interface: We redesigned the interface for a better user experience.
    This look is modern, with a new dashboard and a design that reduces customer interactions, allowing a faster incident response.



  • New Host Insight: Host Insight is a new feature that gives you a quick overview of the security posture of managed clients by assessing them using compliance and security checks.

  • BitDefender Integration: Bitdefender prevents and detects malware infections. This new feature allows ACSIA to deploy Bitdefender on hosts automatically and orchestrate detection.

    To enable this integration, you will need to buy an additional license. Once BitDefender has been integrated, it cannot be applied to agents that have already been deployed. You need to uninstall the agent, reinstall it, and then you can activate the antivirus. 





  • Sysmon - Phase 2: Updated to the new version that blocks portable executables files (PE) from being written on the disk. This feature has to be enabled by users.


  • DNS Shield - Phase 2: Enabled a courtesy page where the users will be redirected if they click on a link leading to a malicious domain. 

    At the moment, this feature is not supported on macOS.

Fixes on v6.0.0

  • Fixed: Skip agent requests analysis.
  • Fixed: Whitelabel page for not existing web paths (now redirected to index).
  • Fixed: Missing analysis of acsia server weblog.
  • Fixed: Swagger-UI mismatch with real responses.
  • Fixed: Suspended the creation of ISOLATE THIS SERVER immediate action. 
  • Fixed: Improved stability of DNS Shield.
  • Removed: Agentless capabilities.

Fixes on v6.0.1

  • Fixed: Removed infinite loading on empty tables.
  • Fixed: Removed 2FA popup showing after a successful login.
  • Fixed: Live notification page was not loading immediately after login.

Fixes on v6.0.2

  • Fixed: Adjusted the wrong URLs on immediate actions and IoCs Blocked List.
  • Fixed: Blocked the live notification refresh when an event is expanded.
  • Fixed: Clicking on Track, this command wasn't showing the popup with the result.
  • Fixed: When adding a new host, this was not automatically showing in the host list.
  • Fixed: Host Insight queries were not showing any results.
  • Fixed: When unmuting a notification, the green banner was permanently visible.
  • Fixed: Removed the wrong host column on the profile page.
  • Fixed: Removed the red banner showing after logging in with MFA.
  • Fixed: Under Settings in the license tab, the license was not shown.
  • Fixed: Modified the columns in the IP Banned list to make them more readable.


How to prepare for a new installation?

The guidelines for a fresh installation are explained in our ACSIA XDR Plus Installation and User Administration Guide - v6.0.0.

But before you go ahead, you MUST execute the new script: The script used for version 4 is unsupported.


How to upgrade from version 5.x.x to V6.x.x? 

To upgrade from version 5. x.x, customers MUST execute the script before acsia_update.

First, log in as an acsia user: 

 sudo su - acsia

Then, create the inside the acsia server the file pre_update.
As follows, make sure the script is executable and launch it using the commands:

 chmod +x

To complete the upgrade from version 5.x.x, the user acsia must now execute the command: