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Third Parties Management

Federico Trotta
Federico Trotta
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This article explains all the management around Third Parties in ACSIA CRA

Prerequisites and knowledge base


To better understand what this article describes, we advise you to read the ACSIA CRA User Manual before diving into this one which will cover specific topics around third-party management.


Knowledge base

Third parties are Companies that, somehow, interact with you and your company, but are different from your company. For this reason, ACSIA CRA provides data that are not completely visible.

Anyway, adding a third party will give you an idea how the exposure that a company has on the Internet. So, for example, if the third party you are adding is a company that belongs to your supply chain, you could decide to ask them to improve their exposure to the Internet so that even your company is safe, if the resulting score is low.

How to add a Third Party

To add a Third Party, go to the "Third Party" section, click on "Add a third party", then select the Company to which you want to "connect" the third parties:


We can also see that ACSIA CRA shows you how many third parties you can add, depending on your subscription.


By clicking on "Next", you can choose the linked Companies (your Company, and other ones, eventually):


Then, by clicking on "Next", you can select the Third Parties to add to your Company:

Managing actions on a Third Party: Third Party overview, managing linked Companies, generating a synthetic report

To visualize the overview of a Third Party, click on "Go to Third Party overview":

In this section, we can visualize all the information related to the Third Party as if it were a Company:


Anyway, as we introduced before, ACSIA CRA provides data that are not completely visible for a Third Party. For example, in the following plot:


We can perform the following actions on a Third Party:

  • Archive third party. By clicking on it, the Third Party will be archived and it won't be taken into account in the next rechecks. Anyway,  archived third parties will be calculated in the maximum number of third parties that you can add, depending on your subscription.
  • Manage linked companies. By clicking on that, you can see the Company related to that Third Party and you can link it to other Companies:

  • Generate synthetic report. By clicking on it, ACSIA CRA will generate a report of the Third Party with limited information about it.